Friendship in Cyberspace


Eh, I think I’m too much told you about the disadvantages of socializing in cyberspace. The question that you must ask is : why do you still stand on it?

My answer is : Because, cyberspace has offered me sooo many advantages.

I got new friends, the massive one. My friend are come from so many places, so many occupations, so many ages, and so many characteristics. It is like a huge amusement park (if we throw out the loosers). There are a lot of stories, jokes, experiences, happiness, sharing sadness, support, sacrifice..ugh, you will not imagine, what they offered to you, friends that you have never met them in real life before.

What kind of sacrifice? First, time. They give their time to listen your problem, think about the solution, suggest you the best decision, and give you another perspective of view. They support you with their words, and with the time you can differentiate the sincerely wish with the other. All the communication needs time, so you can not deal with it. A friend spent his time scanned a whole book for me, to give me a new knowledge. Another friend modified my pictures, created a bunch of signatures for my articles.

Then, they give you money, in other way. They spent their internet quota, only to interact with you. Other is downloading my favorite movie with his internet modem, and store it in a CD. They give their bravery to stand ahead me, bet their name to handle my worry.

Then, when you meet them finally, it is like meet old friends. They know almost everything about you. When we did conversation, it will flow smoothly. A combination between deja vu and a very good friend.

Yeah of course, you will get it if you get the real one, the real friend. Be careful with the fake. They only ruin your days. Just skip it.

Komen? Silakan^^

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