What are The Differences Between iPad 1 and iPad 2?


My first iPad is almost 3 yo this year, and I still amaze with what I’ve been doing with it through the year. It’s a world miracle, a revolutioner invention that changing the human’s behaviour. Now, I got newer iPad, second version, and eventhough it has a feature than iPad 1, which is camera, but I still prefer iPad 1 as the amazing gadget.

iPad 1’s battery can be charged faster than iPad 2, eventhough it will run out faster too. But it doesn’t matter, for me time to use is enough, and because I use it frequently, so can’t be used while it’s charged become a problem for me. OK I can extend the cable, but it still annoying because I can’t bring it as my will.

I try to use the same telco provider, the same internet package for the SIM card. And my iPad 1’s internet connection running faster than iPad 2. Oh nooo..how come? Then I don’t like iPad 2 body of countour. It makes me difficult to plug the charger and to release the SIM card. Then I don’t like iPad 2 original cover, names Smart Cover. How come you sell only the front cover, without cover for the back. So my iPad 2 back cover is more dirty than the previous one.

Of course my iPad 1 get some troubles now. It hang often, but it can be solved by turn off the iPad for a while. Then the screen is not too sensitive anymore, but maybe it will become a big problem if I play games that are need a fast moving of touching. Others, there’s nothing.

So, which one I bring mostly?

iPad 2. Because it’s lighter and has a camera on it.

Komen? Silakan^^

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