Fight in Cyberspace? Think Again!


I don’t know why people have time and energy to fight in cyberspace. Another world that I think will become my refreshment. That’s why I don’t want to fighting in it. Too much energy will be wasted, for something that we can not rely.

Imagine, what you will against is an anonymity, or they only have internet identity. So why bother it will affect to your daily life. Forget it and move on.

But I can not lie, even though we keep our attitude nicely, be friendly to anybody, we still have a trouble with it. If you do good, people can be envy with you. Then if you do bad, people will judge you. So it’s difficult to make everybody happy.

Let’s say people who will over confidence with my warm friendship. Then women who envy with me, because of my friendship with her target (married or single). I’ve ever been judged with a girl, who feel jealousy because her idol talked to me in media, twice. Silly. Curse me in public, show to others how madness she is. Other people try to hit me from the back. Ah, looser.

So, I always use this good quotes from Kompasianer Budiman Hakim. He said :

When losers attack you in social media, ignore them! Ignorance is more hurt than response.

Hohoho…very good, indeed. Better to think other problem in real life, than busy with this unimportant thing.

Komen? Silakan^^

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