The Melodramatic Story


Hahaha..I laughed with this article, OK I will paste a part of it, because I am sick with all melodramatic story.

You know at Kompasiana, most of the Headline Fiction are come from the melodramatic stories. Let’s say : prostitute, beggar, pauper, orphan…. Ugh common, I know that people need our concern, but not for the exploitation of their suffering. They need our action, it is very common in Indonesia, every body know about it. So better to help them in the real world, not say this and that many times on internet.

I read about how the inspiring story actually is a wrong story, because people, for a hundred years, already modified it become pathetic story, that make other people get affected with their suffering. For me it’s like exploitation. You can read my opinion in Kemiskinan Sebagai Komoditi.

These are 30 short stories that AS Laksana got it from Google. The title are full melodramatic, let’s say :

Bunga Tabur Terakhir
Malam Terakhir
Penari Terakhir
Hari Terakhir telah Tiba
Lagu Terakhir untuk Paijo
Nasihat Terakhir
Alamat Terakhir
Gedung Bioskop Terakhir
Kelopak Mawar Terakhir
Pesan Terakhir Ayahku untuk Ibu Rabinem dan Mas Gotri
Perjalanan Terakhir
Uang Terakhir
Kisah Lirik Lagu Terakhir
Nyanyian Terakhir
Puisi Terakhir
Festival Terakhir untuk Intan
Secangkir Kopi di Senja Terakhir
Bukan Hari Terakhir
Kucing Hitam atau Parit Terakhir
Air Mata Terakhir Bunda
Kereta Api Terakhir
Senja Terakhir
Pelabuhan Terakhir
Terminal Cinta Terakhir
Dermaga Terakhir
Senyuman Terakhir
Hari Terakhir Mei Lan
Anniversary Terakhir
Ucapan Cinta Terakhir
Ulang Tahun Terakhir

So if you want get attention from the reader, AS Laksana suggested you to use these title as your short story title, like:

Bebek Goreng Terakhir
Tagihan Terakhir
Konde Terakhir
Kerbau Terakhir
Tukang Pos Terakhir
Penjual Gorengan Terakhir
Status Fesbuk Terakhir
Batu Akik Terakhir
Firman Tuhan Terakhir
Kisah Cinta tanpa Huruf Terakhir
Pengamen Terakhir
Tukang Copet Terakhir
Pesan Kuli Bangunan kepada Istrinya pada Malam Purnama Terakhir
Pidato Terakhir Si Muka Nanas
Seorang Petinju yang KO di Ronde Terakhir
Fotokopi Ijazah Terakhir

Conclusion : use the word ‘Terakhir‘ to make your story fascinating. *grin*


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