HeadLine, Is It So Important?


A friend of mine, mumbled to me, ‘why is it always her whose article being a headline? There’s nothing important in it!’. Other threaten me, if I don’t follow his will, I will suffer in Kompasiana, because ‘I am close with Admin.’

Whoa. Wait a minute.

Headline is Kompasiana’s reward for a selected articles, to be displayed in front page for a couple hours. It means that more readers will read and appreciate your article. For me the effect are more comments that must be responded, and more friends.

I think it’s the way Kompasiana’s administrator support its writers to write and write again, report and have a bombastic opinion, to attract other readers. It will increase the traffic, and the advertising will be full booked.

Is it that important to get the headline?

For popularity, yes. People will see you, as a good one. For writers, you do a good job and write a good article *based on Kompasiana specifications*. For readers, they will adore you because you can write so fascinating.

But is that the essential of writing? To get the famous one?

For me, writing is for sharing my thought, then to interact with the readers. We can discuss about anything, and entertaining each other. Sometimes their comments give me another idea to write, another view to analyze, and their support always increase my spirit. So, writing is like a socialize activity for me.

Headline, is not that important. Because, what for if we write something that we can not enjoy it ourself, moreover to make others enjoy it. So, I don’t care with the intrigue because of
‘why she/he got the headline, and I didn’t’.

Komen? Silakan^^

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