Are You Talking About Me?


‘Mbak, are you talking about me?’

Hah? I was blank for a while. Him? What for?

And it’s not for the first time. I don’t know for how many times my articles have been misunderstood by my readers, as if I wrote it SPECIAL for them. That I tried to tell something to them, with some layers, and they felt it is like satirize them.

Another person, a woman, felt hurt with my article, which she thought that article is for her. Ha! Too sensitive, eh? Another over confidence. Actually, I just felt amazed of her sacarstic comment, gave me a prediction about her understanding level.

Ugh, I wish they can leave that ‘are you talking about me’ feeling.

First of all, I choose real life, as my priority. So of course I don’t care what’s happened in my relationship in the cyberspace. They like me or not, is not my business. The important thing is I always try to make a friend, but if they fell not conformtable with my friendship, I will ignore them. I don’t want to ruin my day with ‘not so important’ problem.

Second, it’s not my habit to satirize someone who annoyed me. I ignored them, and why I must waste my energy to write this and that, to express my feeling? No need, and I will leave all the intruder behind. I will focus to my article or read other article, that will grow up my knowledge or give me information.

And finally, I don’t have time to explain it clearly to them. Last time I tried, it just started another silly discussion. Skip.

We can not make everyone happy, but the most of them, we can.

Komen? Silakan^^

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