Losing My Energy


Don’t know why, in the last days I just feel lose my energy to interact in the virtual world. I try to be consistent publish my article each day, but honestly I lose my spirit on it. But I try to push myself, at least to edit old article and then publish it. Of course I do it gently, with adding ‘reposted-edited’ below every article.

The reason? Maybe I’m too busy in the real world. There are many jobs that I must finish it, and must deal with the deadline. Other is maybe the changing of my mind, if virtual world is not that important.

So if somebody doesn’t agree with your article, respond it once, then leave. Because if we don’t meet to discuss, it will take time to explain it by text. Too many misunderstanding, and you’ll spend time and money (for the telecommunication provider) only for active-interactive communication.

Other is if I have article with a polemic, a Kompasianer said that I must stay and serve the comentator, directly. So if somebody post a comment for me as a respond to my article, in real time, I must reply it. Means that I must wait and be ready with all my effort and time.


I don’t have sooo many time to spend in the virtual world. Writing for me is for fun. And if writing become an obligation, it’s not fun anymore. I want to enjoy my writing, because it costs nothing, and it is not pay me. So let release it from the value of money, from the quick response and use my energy for the important thing, which is real world.

Dum bi dum, very sleepy and need sleep right now. Recharge my energy ^_^


Komen? Silakan^^

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