Wrong Question

Silly question deserve silly answer.

I’m quite sure about this. Don’t you expect to get a smart answer after you ask a stupid question. For example like this.

i love fucking science
i love fucking science

OK, first of all, I do apologize to point out a stupid thing in here. Of course it will hurt, maybe for the sensitive one. But for the next, maybe we must think first, before we always ask and ask, about everything.

Asking someone who has better knowledge than us, and he always answer it politely, is like addiction. It’s easier than googling, it will strike to the point, it has summarized so you’ll get the conclusion, and of course it’ll not waste your time.

But if you do that all the time, you’ll be depended on him, and it will reduce your adventure of conciousness. It’s too comfort for you. And you can’t become the independence scientist.

So before you ask, make sure you’ve already searched it by yourself. You can rely on to the internet and library. Then if you can’ t find the answer, ask it to the expert one.

You know, automatically after all the searching, your question will have higher quality, and you will be more ready with the answer.

Komen? Silakan^^

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