Man and ‘Galau’ Thing

For me, Man with the ‘galau’ thing is prohibited.

Galau is Indonesia’s terminology for confusion. Ho, for me, it’s more than that. It is like somebody who DON’T WANT to get out from his confusion, so he maintains it, yes your hearing it’s not wrong, being sad and confuse, for all the time.

I try to understand. If you feel sad or confuse for a while, it’s OK. But if you do that, for many times, or for a longer time, ah please, get on with your life! This world is much much better without your skeptic view about life.

Then, that’s why I don’t like man with ‘galau’ FB status, posting it everytime I open my FB, and complain this and that. Hey, what are you trying? To grap women’s attention? You know we are more interest with strong man, who doesn’t cry out all the time in FB status, make sadness as the commodity, and choose to break the rule, brave to face the problem, and be humble with their success.

So if you see the picture below, you will know which sperm will get our ovum’s attention ^_^

i love fucking science
i love fucking science


Komen? Silakan^^

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