Who Cares?

Oh, who cares

When you hear somebody has been killed,

By his boss when he tried to get home?

Somebody that you don’t know,

A man who worked very hard abroad.

Somebody with not enough education,

And a poor one because there is no job here.

Somebody that must take a risk,

Being a hard worker, kicked and dumped in other country.

Somebody who become a third level at there,

And being nothing in here.

Somebody whom his wife, looked,

When he was killed in front of her.

Somebody who lost his wife,

Being raped by the killer.

Oh, who cares about it?


Based on this sad sad sad news ūüė¶


    • Masakannya wuenak pasti ^_^

      Iya mbak, aduh sedih deh tiap bacanya, tapi do nothing juga. Kesel kan? Ingin membantu, tapi ngga bisa apa2. Jadinya cuma bisa menyemangati teman2 TKI saja…

Komen? Silakan^^

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