Sorry, I Unfriend You


Wait a minute, is it ‘unfriend’ verb or noun?

I will use it as a verb, to explain ‘not a friend anymore, in the internet.’

If everybody treat their friend as like as in the real world, I think there is no bigger problem in internet media. But because somebody feel free to say something bad on the internet, treat other people badly, bully and push other people like they are nothing, then it become a problem.

And for a friend like that, I choose to remove them from my friendlist. Beside ruin my day, sometimes they try to hurt me. So, what’s the benefit if I still make a friend with them, and what’s the lost if I release them. After I compare between benefit and lost, I came with one decison, delete the friendship.

Now I’m in the middle of considering my other friend, who has already disturbed me with his invitation to play some games. I told him if I don’t play any games, and he understood. But now, I have just met the invitation AGAIN in my ‘home’ of Facebook. OK once he do it again, I will remove him from my friendlist. šŸ˜¦