Why I Must Change My Profile Picture


Yes, this is the main reason why I changed my profile picture, from a real me to be an avatar or other pictures. I just feel unconformtable if somebody tries to appreciate me from my picture, and not my articles.

OK maybe I’m too afraid about what people think about me. But deep in my heart, I just want people to get attracted with me, because of my opinion, my fiction or my mind. Beauty is not very important in this internet media, so I just want to hide it and let my readers will assess me from my articles.

The first time I changed my picture to be an avatar, because somebody sent me a message, told me about my data that I have never opened it for public. I felt dissapointed, and then I replaced my picture with my avatar on Yahoo. Then the second time happened when I felt upset with my friend, who copied and published some parts of my articles without permission. The third time I must change it again, because somebody sent me a message, told me that he wanted to chat with me because of my interesting picture. Without any words I changed it with my avatar. Lucky me I have a friend that very expert in Photoshop and other graphic skill.


Then I read an article, about Virtual Model, that she warned us as a woman, be careful with our picture on social media. If we change the profile picture regularly, or upload our picture many times, it means there is something that we want to show off. Showing to the world how beautiful I am, how I still look young eventhough I have already a mom, how I can still tempt men with my beauty.

Oh no, I don’t want it is happened to me. Why we must make other people get attracted with our beauty, if we already got it from our family, especially our husband?

So I decided to change it. Of course my friends can still see the real me on Facebook, but not that often like before. Eugh, being anonymous become my option for now.