Give and Respond Comments

One thing that I try to be honest is when I give comment to others’ articles. I will give a comment if I feel impress with their article, feel the benefit, feel surprise, or I try to give them advice because I know they can do it better.

But for others who I think it’s their style and I can’t change it, I just leave that article without any comment. Or if I’ve given them advice, but they can’t respond it with the nice way, I will pass their articles. It’s OK if they don’t follow my advice, but ability to respond the critic must be learned, or you will make your future reader dissapointed, and walla! You lose them.

For article which I say a common, there’s nothing that I can talk more, and I don’t want lie to them. So leaving it without letting them know I visit is the best way. But sometimes they just pick me up, invite me to comment to their article. So for this invitation, there’s no way out than give a comment to them, even you are not interest with that topic. I said topic because if you can’t write well, so the interesting topic will save you.

Then how to respond a comment, especially for the critize? Do it calmly, and be ready if there is issu expansion based on the main topic. You must keep it on the track, try to understand their comments and keep a good manner. Then you must try to diffe rentiate a sincerely comment or it is just show off the power.



    • Males mbak. DI blog ini memang isinya lebih banyak, karena ada beberapa yang sy filter untuk ditampilkan di K, atau biarin aja disini kalau saya lagi males mancing polemik…hihihi….

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