Fan-atic? Rubbish!


Being upset with the fanatic people. Talking this and that, without thinking. Idolizing something that’s not important enough for me and others. Trying to make people follow their principle, but hey, with your rubbish I think it’ll be hard enough to grab the fans.

Oh, I don’t want to give them some suggestion and explain my opinion. They are fully understand about their way, and they have chosen it. So, it’ll waste my time and energy. I can only take my position as their opposite, and don’t care with their respond.

How do we handle people like that?

Ignorance is the best way, even sometime we must head on with them. If it’s happened, be calm in front of them, even you want to yel in their face. Don’t talk too much, don’t think too much because it just ruin your day. Then, leave them. They’re not important enough to be your friend, and without them your life will be more beautiful.

Ah, just wanna know what is their function to this world ya? To fulfill the population? Hihihi…



Komen? Silakan^^

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