The More You Write, The Less You Read


Hmm.. don’t be annoyed with my statement. I know, the right quote must be ‘The more you write, the more you read’. But you must be selective, which book you will read. Not the bad one, of course.

When I bought a random book, means I have never read the book’s review, and found that book is no so good, i just feel useless. Waste my money, waste my energy, and waste my time.

And that feeling comes more often, when I try to write articles (almost a thousand articles with a lot of subjects, fiction and non fiction). When I read a not-so-good book, I just feel ‘Hey, I can write better than this book!’. That’s why sometimes I just leave a not-so-good-book in my rack, and don’t know what I want to do with them, except fulfill my rack.

Today, I bought a book with a word GOKIL in front of the cover. So, I expect something funny and extraordinary articles from it. And the first thing I got…you can guess…that’s why I wrote this article šŸ˜›

So the more I write, the more selective I am reading a book. Because if I’m not do that, I will loss my time to write.

Komen? Silakan^^

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