Do You Understand My Bahasa?

Most of my blog’s follower and bloggers who give ‘Like’ to my articles are foreign. And I am a bit doubt, do they know my language, which is Bahasa Indonesia? Because none of them give comment. OK I know we are in Goggle Translate’s time, but I, myself, never use it only for translate some languange that I don’t understand. I prefer to skip that articles.

So I guess this one is happened to my followers :

1. They truly understand Bahasa
2. They use Goggle translate
3. They like the picture
4. They don’t care about the articles. They are very kind to give like and follow my site, randomly.

Sorry if it is offend you, but whatever your reason, thank you very much for all your kindness. I do apologize seldom visit your sites, but if I have time I try to visit you back.

Meanwhile, I wish I can collect all my English article in one category, so my foreign friends can read to English articles directly, without searching. Other plan is, I try to write more articles in English.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you ^_^


My foreign friend *in my dream :P*

Komen? Silakan^^

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