Internet Retailing

I teach this subject for the very first time, and I’m just amazed, with myself of course, about ‘how smooth’ I can explain it to the class. Because for my very first, it usually full of doubt, a bit worry, and full preparation.

But because today I must get a rush with LPPM’s deadline, so no time to make it very perfect. I created the handout three days ago, leave it because of my awful coordination, and have a very few time to learnt it last night.

Today, God bless me. I can explain to them clearly *in my opinion* because I’ve practiced on it. Yes, I’m the buyer and the seller. So I can explain it from both perspectives, and can give them some real examples.

Ho, no wonder my KEPO in internet world will help me to teach this subject. And I love this subject too, because I can learn from the concept, not only in a practical way ^_^


I don’t want it happened to meeeee…*Lucky me I don’t have any cat…hohoho*

Komen? Silakan^^

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