Jutek Beraaaaat

There’s a time that I don’t want to socialize to anybody. In real and world wide life.

I don’t know why I feel so bored and tired, maybe because of my tight schedule *it’s the result of my awful time management*, or I can’t write as usual at Kompasiana *thanks for the error since early week*, or I got a less sleep. Hoahm…

So today I was busy in front of my Mac, doing my proposal, didn’t chitchat with anybody in my office, and in web life too. My friend mentioneds me, but with all my apologize, I said I can talk to them later..maybe in a beautiful Saturday night. Huf. I hope I will be free at that time.

Or maybe I miss him, a man who leave his beautiful wife alone? Huaaa….


Coffee, The One Who Understand Me