Who’s Stupid?


It’s easy to judge people. Trust me. I did once. Twice. More than twice, actually. Especially for those who can’t meet my standard.

Then I realized, am I that perfect? To judge people with my standard? And can I deserve a treat like that?

Huh. I’m not sure.

So, stop to judge others’ capability. Try to understand them, what their reason and background, and if you feel very desperate with their level, why don’t you motivate and teach them to equalize with your standard?
Picture: Dian H. Soedharyo’s FB status


  1. We can change our mindset and way of thinking..but we r not capable to make them change theirs…we can explain to them..but its up to them to understand and change…

  2. In my point of view..judging someone is work of allah..not us…anyone who judge someone is actually trying to take god’s place..which is sinfull…because im totally a diff person that anyone who used to know me…what im saying was..people forgot about who they was and who they supposed to be and forgot the role that they should be in life…running away from it or avoiding is jst another simplest example of anyone who decline the role that they should become…in the end of the day past leaves a mark that will last…they will never make it right because…something that they had..was..given by allah were never appreciated…every decision will hv a question…n every question will hv an answer…reason is not an excuse to jst throw something that they used to hv…everyone has a role…

    • Sometimes we forget, we are not the smartest one, so better to keep our mouth south before judge other. Pick position like them, and imagine what treatment that we want, that we can accept it. That’s the way how people related each other. Thanks you Albert, and I’m not your aunty 🙂

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