How To Act Indonesian : Insulting Us?


A very funny serial video was made by Sacha Stevenson, a Canadian who lived in Indonesia for 12 years. She was a presenter of television program with Adul and Komeng. Yeah, she is one of ‘bule’ (foreigner, western) who works in here, and trying to adapt Indonesian habit.

Besides her great copycat accent and pronunciation of Bahasa, she is a smart girl too. She describes what she has got as a bule by the localpeople. How they treat her, and she also looks what people do in her environment. She can deliver the message with a simple and funny way, eventhough some people will see it as the insulting of Indonesian.

Let’s see her videos. She has 6 videos, each of them consist of 5 tips. And better you don’t let your kids watch this by themself, because some of the tips show the smoking woman (ugh yeah, I’m straight on it) and sexual activities.

She gets impression with how Indonesian keep their healthy. She shows us how the traditional people go to ‘dukun’, the modern people go to the doctor (who always give the cheap medicine without considering the ill), the dirty hawker, and their believe to message, eventhough it is a bad accident.

She also shows that Indonesian are very honest, a bit of too mind other’s business. The corrupt police officer, minimarket cashier who has never given us the right change, and how Indonesian hate dog, rather than protected animals as their pet. The overused of Blackberry (you must have it eventhough you are homeless!) and Indonesian favourite sinetron (soap opera).

And, where the part that we must feel insulted, if the Sacha videos are truly Indonesian?

You can get the more awful visualisation from our television program, who used slapstick and other dumb way to show how funny we are. Sacha plays safe with announced in the beginning in every video, that her visualisation is not for all Indonesian. For me it’s enough to explain, and the power will not so powerful to humiliate us in the global society.

It’s better if Indonesian can give another tips for bule, how they must adapt with our habit. Of course in a smart and funny way. Prove that we are the open-minded nation, not the angry one.

For the video, you can check in here :

For other video, type the keyword in Youtube

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  1. Indonesia punya penduduk jutaan, tingkat pendidikannya masih rendah, dan tersebar luas. Jadi susah ngedidik mereka bay. Tapi ngak apa kalo video ini adalah satu kitik membangun pada beberapa bagian seperti dirty hawker, corrupt police, minimarket cashier etc

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