Arya Wiguna, You Are The Man!

Arya Wiguna ternyata Hulk (
Arya Wiguna ternyata Hulk (

I laughed when I read my friend’s status on FB ‘Siapa sih itu yang mukanya kaya kertas dilipat tapi ngga jadi?’ Or in other words : who the hell he is.

Yeah, with his face, who will guessed his destiny will be changing. From nothing to something. From zero to hero. Thanks to his path of life, now he is become the most popular man in Indonesian television.

Even though people, like my friend feel very sick with his appearance in our television program e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y, I think Arya is the star-ready person. He grabbed the attention very fast, because he can use the difficult situation to increase his popularity. He can act like a movie star, in a lebay (or too much) way, but it fit with Indonesian habit, love all the lebay things. Arya can use his popularity, to get in with beautiful actress, who wants to follow Arya popularity. Arya can use his story, for example when he was dumped by Vitalia Shesya, because his impolite BBM to her.

Besides his unimportant story that have been blown up by media, he is the truly entertainer.


Komen? Silakan^^

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