Fatin and Her Fanatic Fans

This made by Fatin's Fans, not me ^_^ (pinterest.com)

It’s made by Fatin’s Fans, not me ^_^ (pinterest.com)

I never watched Fatin and all the X Factor performance in television. For me, it is a conventional entertainment, who plays with audience feeling of belonging the idol. Push people to send their SMS, spend their money for something absurd.

I don’t care either, when people say this and that in Kompasiana, the citizen journalism. From the very beginning of X-Factor program, everybody looks like a pro, comment this and that, write this and that about this program, especially about Fatin. I don’t know it is because of her veil, her voice, or her background story, who makes people feel sympathetic to her.

I just wonder, how people have their time and energy, money maybe, to talk and talk about Fatin. Not even talk and write, they fight for her! What do they get? A winning feeling without fighting? A satisfaction because they can defend their idol? And…do they have other activities, problem, or work that they can be focus on it, than chasing something they can not grab?

Be realistic guys, Fatin or other idol is not important, you must focus on your life.