Lumia 520, The Review

nokia samsung

Finally, I bought Lumia after a series of investigation (hey, it’s a big money for me!) to a bunch of brands. Joking. Actually I only consider two brands, Samsung and Nokia, but my judgment already imbalance to Nokia.

My consideration is, I have my Android phone, by Sony. And for me it’s enough to have one android, it’s way too complicated for me. For iPhone, I’m not considering at all. It’s enough for me too, I have iPad and MacBook, and for me ‘That’s It!’ for unrelated gadget. I must get in the iTunes to transfer media, excluding the file. OK I know there are some applications that make my activity easier, but once again, it’s too complicated for me.

Then I check what is Samsung like, because its sales reach the highest among others. I tried Samsung Galaxy S4 in the outlet, hmm…quiet light, better than iPhone. The screen is responsive, but worse than iPhone. Then when I checked the price, for me it’s overpriced for the android phone. I know Samsung guarantee its hardware, but I have ever felt not comfortable with its previous series. So I think they still don’t know how to treat their user.

I switch to Nokia. I have ever bought an E series, and until now it has never disappointed me. The hardware and software are very strong and stable; it’s very seldom that I must release the battery because of the systems stuck. I love when I can type in office files, and it is easy to download the file and open it, even tough it is PDF file. The camera is still amazing, with a lower pixel but I don’t know why the picture from Nokia is clearer than Sony did. Maybe because of Carl Zeiss lens. The weakness is only it’s not a touchscreen, while all the application is better to do by touch.

So after the Android experience with so many crash that I must restart the phone, and Sony experience for the-not-so-active service center, a not-so-design-pioneer, I must change to other brand. And as I said before, finally I choose Lumia.

The next problem, ehm, not the hard one, is to choose which series of Lumia that I must buy. After browsing, I think it’s not a big difference between Lumia 720 and 520. I feel enough with the 520, of course other consideration is about the price. The Lumia 520 prices is the same with other China brand (they use Android and so many feature like radio, television, that I don’t need it), but you know you can not compare Ferrari and Xenia *grin*.

Almost a week I used it, and now I’m ready to write the review.

For appearance, I love how it looks, elegance, it can be customized (you can change the screen interface color), dynamic, and different with other opinion, I love the Grid! It’s the easiest way to pin your favorites menu when you open your phone. The sound is ok, I love the ringtone variety for my phone, it sounds exclusively, only Nokia has it.

Now about the weakness. Number one is about the hardware, especially the screen. It cannot spin quickly like iPhone. For example from portrait position to landscape position, I must shake it to spin it. Then sometimes it’s difficult to scroll up the lock screen. When I used the iPhone touch keyboard, it is very rarely to make a typo. But in Nokia, I do many times, especially for the ‘comma’ and ‘space’. Other is there is no ‘cut’ menu in text, and it’s difficult to put a cursor position. It always turns to copy a whole word. Aaarghhh!

The second weakness, of course the application! You know, I’m not so demanding with the application, but the important applications like browser, Facebook, WordPress, Google and its apps (translate, map, search engine) are must-have-item for me. Then when I found it’s not there in Windows store or Nokia store, or it’s not running well, may I yell again? How comeeeee? I didn’t found another browser, only a fake Opera Mini. So I must rely on Internet Explorer 10, while sometimes it can not open the website. I checked my other browser in Sony, it’s running well! Wew.

Facebook for Windows Phone is a crab. It can not be updated soon, and often hang. Even though I compare it with Facebook for Android, which is often hang too, but it can update quickly! Forget the chat, even for the notification, it’s too late! Urrrgh!

Google tried to join the Windows Phone system, with the Google application. Very nice thing, and I always use it when I can not access the IE 10. It works smoothly, but it can not be save. So I always repeat my steps to find the web.

There’s no camera in the front, and until now I don’t know how to move my contacts from the old to the new one. OK I can use the SIM card like Nokia suggest me before, but SIM card contacts is very limited. Other problem, it only keeps single number. My contacts have a complete data like mobile number, home number, office number, email, address, even bank account!

I tried copied it by Bluetooth, I passed the time accept the sending one by one, then…it disappeared! Yes, I can not find where Nokia save my download from Bluetooth. Then, I can not save it to the SD card, because Nokia is not provide its setting to check it. Oh many trouble.

But, yeah I tried to use it. First, I have already bought it, and it running well for a basic operation, texting and calling. Second the shape is very slim and light. The third is the screen is big, 4 inch, better than my Sony, is only 3 inch. It’s very nice when I watch the Youtube video, from Youtube downloader (!).


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