Bad News is A Good News

It’s easier to grab readers’ attention if we write and publish a bad news, rather than a positive or good news. It’s natural as a human, we are always ready to hear a gossip or negative news, because if we know it better or before other people, our ‘knowledge’ will make us as a center of attention, people will thankful to us, and people will amazed with us, the gossip trendsetter.

And as a writer, this temptation is very big and fascinating for me. And not once I have got trapped in malpractice like that. OK it’s not that bad or dangerous, but if we use it to increase our popularity, to manipulate others’ suffering, or to celebrate other people weakness, it feels not right anymore.

News must be balance. A writer must tell the story in both sides, the good and bad one. And if we want to focus on a half side, our article must be objective, and we must tell the readers about the facts, whatever it will support or not our subjective opinion. I don’t know much because I have never learnt about journalistic, but it’s the way to make the news fairer.

So sorry for all the articles that I wrote only focusing in a half side. I learnt a lot from the discussion in Kompasiana. There are a lot of improvements to do, especially for readers’ benefit.


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