Don’t Be Cocky, Dude!


I am wonder with people who look at themself so high, then make any other people feel they are nothing if we compare with that cocky people. What for? What will you get with all the arrogant things, that you have showed off to public, except a new nickname for you. Cocky.

I have a friend, a good writer, she write it based on both her opinion and report in many articles. Her article always give benefit for the reader, and she has a loyal reader.

Once when finally she contact me, I feel weird with her request, that has a purpose to increase her popularity. Hah? So after a long time write a lot of articles in internet, her goal is only for popularity? After she asked me, I think all her articles are not honest anymore, means she write it with an intention, to grab the attention. And for me it is a big NO, eventhough I am still tempted with it.

Then there’s the time she must defend with her opinion, fight with other people with the same level of knowledge. I read all their discussion, and I grab some of arrogancy in her reaction. Feel superior, told by rough dialog, not friendly and civilized. That’s making the opposite feel enthusiastic to against her, although it should be wasting time, energy and mind.

I know she can not accept the opposite’s opinion eventhough she tried to stop the discussion. The arrogancy already fill her heart, her brain full of shame, and that’s make her difficult to understand the problem’s root.

So I choose to be the humble one, and always want to learn. Stop all the arrogancy, and try to be more down to earth.



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