Creepy Bridge


It’s not the Photoshop creation. It’s a real picture, a bridge in India.

How do you feel before you go across the bridge. I will feel so amaze, and worry of course. Because..the bridge even though big and strong, but it’ll scare me. It’s not beautiful. It looks…creepy.

Ugh, I don’t know what message I will deliver to you,’s still a bridge. That will help you across your awful river or problem. Don’t be scare, don’t judge bridge by how it looks. But by their function.

So, after you across the river, you will feel very thankful, to the creepy bridge, to make you safe and rescue you for the trouble below.


  1. OMG, It’s a natural bridge. Not many bridges like this in the world. I’ am agree with you, just see the function not appearance, whatever it looks like. Good philosophy.

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