Man and Their Moody


It’s easier to guess woman’s mood, rather than man’s mood. This is happened because woman always tell what their feeling, directly or indirectly, before the mood has came.

It’s different with the man. I think for them, it’s like their main principle for ‘don’t you ever ever ever ever, ever ever ever talk about your feeling‘. And it will make trouble for woman to guess what their mood right now.

So don’t be suprised if we found man with the emotion explotion, that we have never predicted it before. There is no warning for us. And the emotion explosion could be very confusing, irritating and annoying for our normal life.

They could be suddenly angry, silent and keep away for our presence, or satirize us. Ugh, sometimes we are not realized with that condition, and still act like normal.

Then, how to handle it?

Instead of chasing their explanation, maybe we must take a break for a while. Let him busy or pretend to be busy with their activities. Because it’s the way they try to reduce and stabilize their emotion. Sometimes they choose to forget it, or don’t want to discuss it further. Just follow their game, and don’t try to push them with our curiosity. Ask apologized even though you don’t know ‘Am I do wrong?’.

They love it, when we try to pursue them.

Komen? Silakan^^

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