Envy with Me? Think Twice!


Wait a minute, envy with ME? Are you sure?

Until now, there’s nothing to boast about from me. OK, I always proud about my life because God always fulfill my needs, my life is very grateful. But of course I have some problems too, and usually I just try to solve it by myself, not publish or spread it to the world. It’ll ruin others’ life, so it’ll be better if I shut up.

Maybe that’s why people guess I am the lucky one, without weaknesses, and always get the privileges.

Ah, if you are one of them, you are wrong! As a human, I have weaknesses, a lot. But maybe it’s covered with my strengths, so people will emphasized to my lucky ones.

So don’t waste your time and energy to hate me because of your envy.

Now, how about me, have I ever felt envy? Mm..when I was teenager, I’d ever felt envy too. You know, at that time, popularity was the important thing that a girl wants. With popularity, you will get boys, teachers and friends attention. It will make your life more fascinating.

Maybe boys attention become my concern, because for the other two I’ve already had it. So if I liked a boy, and he didn’t like me and he chose my friend, I would be envy. But my envy only in my mind, not to be told or made me do a negative reaction. I have to control my mind to hold it, reduce it, and try to allow him to my competitor. She has something better from me, or that boy only like that girl, without any reason. Hey, who can control when love comes? So better to let it go (and find the other boy who is more handsome..kekeke…)

Fortunately all the boy’s things vanish, when I met my husband. I love him, and he love me. Nothing better than that, and I didn’t need to envy with anybody.

So, find your own happiness. Your happiness is not depended with others’ happiness, it depends on you. It’s about how you control your life and your feeling, and nothing related with others.

Komen? Silakan^^

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