Why Become A Career Woman?

Woman’s nature is to serve her family. Since her childhood, the game she played was mostly about making and serving a family, with all the dolls and cooking equipments. She felt happy if ‘dad’, ‘kid’ or ‘guest’ in her family said something nice about her cook, house or dress.

I believe for every woman, there is always a calling to be a housewife. That is why even she has a good career, she doesn’t feel contentment before she has her own family.

For some woman, they prefer to exist in two worlds, as a housewife and as a career woman. Therefore they need to have good time management, multi tasking, flexible priority and the wisdom on not to mix the problems between household and career. Surely the spouse’s support is really necessary too. The children must be educated to be more independent and to understand their parents’ activities.

It seems like a career woman is selfish, because she choose to ‘not to care about her family too much’. It is totaly a wrong thinking. For them, there are few reasons why they choose to be a career woman and also a housewife.

The first reason is financial since she wants to help her spouse to fulfill their family needs, and becomes independent when it is needed. For example if her spouse do not want or can not fulfill family needs for any reasons, she can step up to take over the role as ‘the man in the house’.

The second reason is about recognition. Women with huge ambition, great competence and big responsibilities (i.e to run their family company) must get a field to explore their talents and abilities. They will not be 100% satisfied for just being able to manage their household excellently, but they will have the 100% satisfactory when they are also success in their career life.

Being a career woman, is not that easy. But they think it is not easy too becoming a full-time housewife. We can not rest whenever we want and we must be provide a good ‘customer service’ to our family. We need to have a big heart, a sincere smile-even actually at that time we don’t feel to do it. So if it is mixed between career woman and housewife, We must have a good self control on our emotion when our spouse or our kids do mistakes, even for thousand times, so that we can stay focus on our works when we are in the office.


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