Disaster, How To Handle It


Indonesia as the archipelago has the uniqueness, outspread between two continentals and two oceans. That’s why there are a lot of natural fluctuation in this country. While the ocean has the possibility to get a crack in its base, continental consist with many volcanoes that will increase the erruption risk.

So we can conclude Indonesia can’t avoid the natural disaster, and it’s not because of one person or other thing. I think it’s quite silly when somebody said all the disaster was happened when we chose a wrong person to be our president. My suggestion to them is read the history first, especially about the Galunggung, Krakatau, and Tambora. See? Whoever the leader, the natural disaster will come and come again.

Until now, our planning is about facing the disaster. It must happen first, then we will awake to help the victim, in hurry. That’s why we never have a fix solution, a solid procedure how to deal with the disaster. Everything must be done in a minute, and the coordination become awful.

Government already built a specific department, called Badan Pengelolaan Bencana Nasional or BPBN. Some cities has its offices, and from that place there will be the coordination if something’s happened. But, the application is not running well. Even though they try to deliver the help to the victim, their help can’t be fully received by the victim. There are a lot of obstacles and problems, that makes the distribution delayed or stopped.

Help from private or society has its own problem. Because the coordination is partly, one and other can’t manage the help. That’s why in one area there are a lot of help, meanwhile in other area is still waiting for help. Sometimes the victim also think about themself, not other else, so there was fighting to rob the help. In other case, they are more demanding. They said they don’t need another instant noodle again, and actually they need something else. So without the good coordination, there’s no agreement among them to manage the help. The detail is the product they need, the time, and allocation planning for its distribution.

It’s better if we try to handle the disaster, not to face the disaster. Nature, even though is very misterious, but we can learn the pattern to be careful for whatever the signs. Then if we knew something bad will happen, we will prepare all the equipment or other else before the disaster was happened. So we have more time to prepare it, and plan is more mature.

Government can coordinate all the help, including from private organization or society. It needs a warehouse like distribution center where people can give the help. Then from the distribution center it will allocate to each disaster region. Government also can cooperate with the army or other party, to support them help the victim.

It’s time to make friend with the nature, and try to handle it.


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