Why It’s So Complicated, Kompasiana?


Since I have my own blog based on WordPress platform, I feel the differences between posting at Kompasiana (K) and at WordPress (WP), from tablet. After I wrote my article at Notes, then I moved it to WP posting, uploaded some pictures, formated some font, then I copied, and pasted it to K.

Posting at K, if it’s only text, is OK, even though you must struggle with the small icons if you want to format your font. In WP, the icons are integrated with the touchscreen keyboard, so they’re bigger and easier to touch.

Not yet to mention, uploading the picture is almost impossible. So the way I used to do is copy the picture’s link and paste it to K. Link to other article is quite easy, it’s almost the same with WP, except you must delete the http:// because it’s already there at the link form.

The other problem is the appearance is sooo dynamic. That day I must check and repair my coding many times at K, because the pictures were gone, the text is not center anymore (at WP there’s no problem like these) and the text has its own alignment. Some parts on the left side, others on center.


As you can see the differences on the pictures below between coding at K and WP, what do you think? Ah, why does make it more complicated if you can make it more simple, Kompasiana?


From Kompasiana


From WordPress



    • Iya mbak, saya suka males nerjemahinnya. Itu ada utang satu lagi utk tayang, tentang brondong. Sudah janji ke orangnya, tapi saya anulir sendiri krn ngga sempet translate šŸ˜›

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