What Is Your Religion?


One question came to my article, try to guess what is my religion. I refused to show that comment to public, for two reasons.

First, it was came from no identity account. It is very simple and easy if you want to post a comment. Just fill the email address or your website’url, sometime I’ll check it and sometime is not, and your comment will be appeared on my blog. Even for the naughty guys, who tried to persuade me in ‘Tante Kaya di Surabaya‘ they have an ethical way to communicate with the blog owner. So, I decided to delete it.

Second is for the impoliteness, asking someone religion, directly. Except if we are friends or relatives, it’s OK. But if it is your first communication to others, please avoid to ask that question. It is rude.

You can be judged as racist. Because if you told this for the first conversation, the people you asked will think you will talk to them, or not, because of their religion. And for your information if you treat this as a matter, there is no relationship between religion and the quality of friendship.

Of course you can judged me in the opposite, I am so embarased with my religion, so I hided it. Ugh, OK, it’s not a problem for me, and I can predict how big your heart to accept others. I am not care enough for the insulars, and for me, religion is my relationship with God, not with the human.

So for whatever you are, please ask me another question if you interest with my life, and give me your true identity if there’s nothing that you must hide.

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