The Difference Between Man and Woman

‘I need a confession.’

‘With all the thing that I have done for you, doesn’t it enough to show you my love?’

‘So do you want me to read your mind? Don’t you think that all your moves just make me so confused? I’m in the middle of confusion, you love me, or not. Sometimes you show like my my savior and do all that kind things. But in other time, you just keep on silence, don’t care with me.’

‘I just act as myself. And another reason is, I don’t want you become spoil.’

‘Hey! I can stand by myself. So your reason about spoilness is an invention.’

‘Ugh, OK. I’m sorry. So..will we fight all night long?’

‘Don’t divert from the real problem. Can you tell me what is the topic that we discussed before?’

‘I know, I know. About confession.’

‘There. Why is it so difficult for you to confess about love.’

‘For me, it’s enough if somebody just show me the evidence.’

‘I want both. Evidence, and confession.’

‘So you will get it.’

‘Then..what should you say?’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too. It is easy, right?’

‘Yeah, right. Especially when I don’t want make it as a bigger problem.’

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