BasoCup, A New Trend To Eat Bakso

Bakso (meatball), is an Indonesian tradisional food, that tries to get into modern dishes. For example, now we can eat bakso not from gerobak (hawker) which come to our place, but it is also served like banquet. So you just point out what do you want, like in the fast food restaurant. Other restaurant use a small pan and stove, to warm and eat your bakso. Yeah, almost the same lah like the way to eat shabu-shabu.

Even though I think that people will look for a bakso for its taste, finally lifestyle will lead people to eat bakso in different way. Taste is not the very important thing anymore, it’s already down rate to be important level. So if you must compete with the same taste, you can be a winner if you offer the customer the unique way to enjoy it.


BasoCup is one of them. I remember it’s first launch as the delivery bakso. Before it comes, we used to call the gerobak bakso that always pass our place and eat it in our house. So it’s very easy to get it, even in the rainy day! Compare with this new comer, we must call the center, then it will send their courier to us, bring two cups of bakso as the minimum requirement, and there is a big posibility, the gerobak bakso comes while we are waiting for our delivery :D.

Not to mention about the price. I can get a delicious bakso for only 1,000 IDR per piece, with a lot of beef stock. This BasoCup, has a price 15,000 IDR per cup, consist of 3 rounded bakso, 1 squared bakso, 2 gorengan (fried dumpling) and 1 tofu. So actually it is only 7,000 IDR, if BasoCup can equal the traditional bakso taste.


But as I said before, lifestyle has changed the way people to eat. Now BasoCup has its stand in international hospital at Surabaya. As far as I know, this hospital has a strict regulation about the healthy and safety of the food. I like to have a meal in here, because beside of the two things I said before, the taste is delicious also. For a couple of time, I have ever stayed here to accompany my child or my husband, and I get my food from the canteen. It has various kind of menu, hygiene is guarantee.

And maybe that’s why this BasoCup try the new way.

Usually people think bakso as the cheap product, which cleanliness and the nutrition are questionable. If the hospital let BasoCup to sell the product inside the hospital, so customer can trust this guarantee. Now, bakso become a good food for your health (LOL).

Taste is the second. Now look the appearance. It uses a cartoon cup, the enviromental friendly packaging. It is served neatly with all the accecories like chilli sauce, tomato sauce, and ketchup sauce. With the elegance serving, BasoCup try to do the break through.


Komen? Silakan^^

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