Why Brondie Like Mommy?


Mbak Aurora Borealisa in this article has this problem, a brondie (Indonesian slang for man in a very young age, or call it ‘a boy’) sent her message in her inbox, many times. I don’t know about the content, but maybe it’s annoyed her, because she tried to tell this boy, don’t send the message again. Yeah, maybe this boy want to get closer with her, eventhough he already knew she has a family.

Ah, why this Brondie like Mommy?

I used the ‘Mommy’ terminology not to relate it with ‘a woman with the kid.’ But for every woman whose age is mature, ready to have her own family *actually, I just sync it with the rhyme :P*

I think, based on my observation, they like independent woman, and a woman who very understand about them. You can imagine, it is like a mom and her kid. A mom always try to understand her child, support him in a every way, and a mom can do everything with herself. So the boy just takes care for himself, will not be annoyed with his woman spoilness and in the financial way, it is not need to be feed.

For Mommy, she can take the cheerfulness of Brondie, because this kind of guy usually is not thinking far away for his future. So they just enjoy the life. They know how to fun, the other side that may be already loss from a Mommy.

If both of them are single, it is OK to make a relationship. But be careful with the weakness. Woman usually seek a mature man, in their thinking and emotion. I will not judge if younger is more emotional and childish, because maturity is not depend on how old are you. But generally, Brondie has this characteristic. So the woman must be patience when she deal with him. For Brondie, makes a relationship with an older woman means he will be monitored him time by time, be told or not be told. Try to keep quite when your woman mumble to you this and that *the older the woman, the captious she will be :D*. And for the serious one, they are demanding a commitment.

The problem will come when one of them, has their own spouse. Ah, it will be prohibited, and no need to respond all their temptations *I suggest it for both of them*. Better to bring it become a friend relationship, or brotherhood. There’s no need to fall in love between each other, because why must break the building that we have developed hardly? Or our life will be broken like Oedipus will be.

Oedipus Complex
Oedipus – Ancient, Greek: Οἰδίπους Oidípous meaning “swollen foot” was a mythical Greek king of Thebes. He fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thereby brought disaster on his city and family. This legend has been retold in many versions, and was used by Sigmund Freud to name the Oedipus complex.


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  1. oh, istilah englishnya ‘brondie’? hehe… 😀
    tapi saya yakin sekali ‘brondie’ itu juga pilih2 ‘mommy’ kok mba In… hanya yg berduit dan cakep aja dia mau, coba sama saya si mbok sayur ini, dijamin mereka para brondie itu muntah! hahaha!

    nice article!

    • Ngga percayaaa….hehehe..

      Aduh mbak, di internet ini pada berani2 karena ngga tatap muka. Paling kalau ketemu ya males aja lah, secara penampilan kan beda banget kita sama brondie #eaaa…kita…wkwkwk

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