My Blog, My Sanctuary

All of my articles were prepared at WordPress, before I posted it at Kompasiana. Most of my articles on WP are published at Kompasiana too, but not all. My blig become my filter before I published it for more readers. Besides the technical problem (read in this article) there are some reasons why I treat my articles like that.

Too sensitive, too crowded, too much
OK, there was the time that I were ready to discussion, the hard one, with others who comment to my article. But lately I loss my energy to have a polemic with others, and..for the God shake, what is it for?

The cyberspace is not the real world. People can be anything and they can hide their true purpose. So if I must fight with them, there’s no benefit for me. What kind of position or image that I want to maintain? So avoid the sensitive article will be the best.

Anyway, there’ s always people who like to fight with other, with their rude behaviour and bad words, whatever your article’s topic. For people like this, I always state clearly that I just respond their comment once, then I will not respond again if they are still stuborn with their opinion. Hey, we are writer, it’s not need for us to have a big effort respond this and that, which sometimes is not related with our article.

What kind of sensitive article? At Kompasiana, everything can be so sensitive. I’ve ever posted about Kompas application in my iPad (technology) , there’s a Kers said that I were showoff. When I posted about Nasi Padang price (culinary), somebody said that cheap or expensive is relative, so unfortunately me who have written it was cheap. Then about my title on Youth about ‘bokep’ (Indonesian slang means Blue Film) somebody suggest me to change the title because it’s too porn. Moreover if you write about religion, politics or gossip about Kers. It will be a blow up, and your article will be full of comentators, and higher view.

Owh, special for fiction, sometimes I’m a bit lazy to post it on K, because I’m not in the mood to publish it (yeah, I’m a writer with a style, the lazy one :P), I still get no feeling on it, need a repair, and if the topic is too sensitive. With more than 1300 friends on K, and most of them know my personal life and my job, I think it’s not good if I posted unusual topic like affair, divorce family and other sensitive topic. You know until this time, there is always people who ask me ‘Is it your true story ya Mbak?’. Huedeh. Please distinguish deh yaaa…

So everybody has their own view, and really I don’t need to confront with them. Waste my time and energy, better I use it for write more and more. About taking a hot topic and title, ugh I will do it if I’m interesting with that topic, not to grab the attention. I don’t want to cheat my readers with the bombastic title, the amazing topic but there’s nothing special or benefit from my articles. It’s same like a poor marketing. You can grab once, but after that people will feel misguided and not appreciate you as the writer anymore. An ‘abal-abal’ (fake) writer, maybe.

English time
I prefer to use English for article with emotion. Because I feel free to utter it, and it is more simple. In blog, I can publish it without worry someone will make my unfluently in English become their joke. It’s for the clever one, but not so humble to teach other people.

Other person is make the English time as a big problem, they said why we must use English, why not Indonesian? Err…if we always use Indonesian, when can we be fluent in English? If we just avoid the practice, with a jangoism reason, we will be a dumb citizen in this global world.

But once again, in my previous reason, I don’t want to confront with them and I try to avoid their unsympathic comments. And I don’t want to ruin my day reading and thinking the bad word. Oh ya, they also judge us as a coward if we remove the unethical comments. It’s a damn perspective, we as a writer has our own control to handle our blog or article’s appearance.

So, if I write more in my blog, that’s because I feel more conformtable in here. Most of my articles also published on Kompasiana, but after I re-edited both words and content.

Yeah my blog becomes my santuary right now.


Picture: ArtoArt


  1. begitulah mba, home sweet home, blog sendiri tetaplah yang paling nyaman, tp kalau saya mah, karena tidak punya blog sebagus mba In, maka sementara nebeng dulu di K 😀 dan masih terus bermimpi bisa nulis in english sebagus mba In, memang kalau hanya sepatah dua patah kata, atau sebaris dua baris kalimat saya bisa, tapi kalau sudah dalam bentuk artikel macam ini, yakin! saya perlu kursus dulu :mrgreen:

    selalu menyenangkan membaca artikel mba Indri 🙂

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