Why A Person Hate Me?

For those who are in this condition, I think the first thing that you must to do is check how many people hate or do not like you. If it is only a few people, you can read this article further. But if there are many people hate you, the problem is in you. Maybe because it is very difficult for you to identify yourself and to see what you have done, you need another person to check it for you. Ask your best friend, your mom, or teacher, the one who really care about you and love you.


So, for you who are hated by somebody, I think this HammerofFacts’ tweet is fit for you.


@HammerOfFacts: A person generally hates you for 3 reasons: 1) They want to be you. 2) They hate themselves. 3) They see you as a threat.


great minds

If I conclude this quote, it is all about jealousy and a not very high confidence. Everything is about his/her position, feeling, and problem. Not yours. So why must bother with all the satire, or negative acceptance from him/her. Better you keep going with your business.


There is no benefit when we decide to stop all our activities, just to take care with this unimportant thing. I suggest to stop for a while, try to communicate about the problem with him/her, then for whatever his/her response, keep moving. You do your obligation to make it clear, and I think for the next all of his/her doubt feeling, it is not your business anymore.


It will be very important, to make sure you will focus on your purpose, not others. Communicate with people will be very difficult, especially when somebody does not like you. But hey, this is life! You cannot please everyone, and your successful depends on you and what you do to achieve that, not others.




Picture : Wonderful Engineering – Facebook


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