The Men’s Sexiest Moments

So, there are some moments that can make us, women, will admire to you, men, because the things that you do or say, and it will make you sexy in our view.

For example, if you say ‘I will take the risk!’ it means that you have full responsibility, moreover if you take your woman’s risk. We will look at you as our hero, and may be falling in love with you *cross your fingers, please*

Other way to make her amaze with you is when you are very brave to face the problem, like ready to fight with somebody who annoyed your woman, rather than told your woman she must be more careful. Hey, we’ve already taken care for ourself! But that criminal always make us as the target. So the problem is not ‘how we must take care for ourself‘, but how to against them. If our man can do it, it will be better. They protect us, and it will make us more comfortable with them.

And I love the combination of ‘persistent and wild‘ man. What does it mean? Persistent means he can control himself, have a good analysis, and always do the right thing. Wild side can be like smoking, drinking and cursing. OK, it is not good for your health, but looking a man smoke in the dark of the night, it will be awesome. Or when he got drunk? Yeah, it is not good too. But when he looses his control, rather than keep his attitude in the right track, for me they are more natural, more like a human. So being perfect is not everything. Being a human, with all the weaknesses, maybe the best way to make man more down to earth. about cursing? For them who have good intelligence and always say in polite words, it will be very surprise if they must make a curse because of their upset, angryness, disappointed and other logic reason. Once again, express your feeling honestly, make you


Other action that can make us adore you is when you are achieving your dream seriously. For you who are not shy to express your feeling to women, you will get the prized too. For you that do your hard work seriously, without any complain, just focus to your work, even though it will not make any money, you will make us want to tempt you, make you unfocus and loose your orientation (just for a while). Other is, when you brave to fight for your woman. In front of her parents, her family, her friends, her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. You just make them feel that they are very valuable and worthy to be fighting for.

So it’s not about your six pack abs, or your trained bicep and tricep. It’s about your focus, your natural as human, and your idealism.

Komen? Silakan^^

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