Skip The Sleep

I skiped my night sleep for online activities.

What kind of online activities? I write, post it on internet, chat, give and take comments, to my article or others. And you know, it will take 3 to 5 hours to finish it, evenmore, longer than that range. So you can imagine, I only sleep for 3 hours per a day! Because there is no afternoon sleep for me at my work hour.

My best friend already warn me. ‘If you do that, everyday, online until..ugh, no..pass the midnight, man will see you as Tante Kesepian. And they will try to get closer to you. Because they think, you have trouble with your husband‘. When I asked to other friend about that, ‘Is it true or not, if I have online activities at midnight, evil will come?‘ he just answered it shortly ‘Iya mbak, satu RT!’

O ow!

Actually, there is no problem in my family. After all of them are sleep, my husband and the kids, it’s the time for me to do my hobby. It’s like leisure time for me. Socialized with my online friends.

But you can imagine, what will happen with lack of sleep? There are premature aging (oh no..I will look older than my age!), weight gain (wondering I will be bigger and bigger *roll*) and diseases ranging from colds and flu to cancer (whoaa!). Why? Because when we sleep, it will replenishes our energy, rebuilds, restores our cells, and reorganizes information in our brains. So if you don’t sleep well everyday, it will harmful for your future health.

So I try to reduce my online activities, to make me fresh in the morning. I hand over all my work to God, enjoy God’s gift of sleep. I do my best, and let God will do the rest.



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